Missing Girls Ernestyna and Anna - January 26, 1993

Hope dies last

Ernestyna Wieruszewska
at the age of 17

Ernestyna Wieruszewska computer progression, age 38

Ernestyna Wieruszewska at the age of 17

Anna Semczuk at the age of 17


29th of March 2019 Request for help in finding two girls. We would like to ask for your aid in the search for two young Warsaw school girls Anna Semczuk and Ernestyna Wieruszewska who disappeared in Zakopane on the 26th of January 1993. Despite intensive searches carried out by the authorities, they have not yet been found. The Polish authorities have now closed the dossier on these two girls. The parents of the two missing girls would like to continue the search, with the help of everyone. With your help, we hope to find them. We ask you to help us in the search for Anna and Ernestyna, so that they can find their families again.